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$5 Super Scary Mystery Bag

$5 Super Scary Mystery Bag

 Deep in the very back corner of our warehouse we found a box of...stuff.

These items will not be perfect. This is not the mystery bag to buy if you're looking for a nice new something something to wear to the Olive Garden, this is a fast food -I'm not getting out of the vehicle- type of something something. This is for someone that works in the dirt all day.  This is for someone that works in oil and grease. This is for the person that drops food on their clothes everysingletime they eat. Does this sound like you? Then this $5 Super Scary Mystery Bag is for you. 

All jokes aside; these items might stained, blemished, or misprinted but still the same awesome quality you’ve come to know and love with KPTC.  

Pick your size but full disclosure-you may get a shirt, you may get a hat, you may get a bag full of expired coupons (jkjk). You'll just have to see, it is a mystery after all!


Size S

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